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New Page - The Umpires' Corner

By Mary Thingvold and Bob Mattison, 06/10/12, 2:46PM CDT


A page about and for the umpires has been added to the GVGS website

A new page, the Umpires' Corner, has been added to the GVGS website.  It is for everybody - coaches, parents, umpires and fans.  The page includes the complete copies of the rules that govern play in GVGS, and items about the game, the rules, rule interpretations, strange situations that have actually occurred, and other things that concern umpires. 

In particular, we urge everyone to read the article titled "Tips for Coaches in Dealing with Umpires" in the "Interesting Items" section of the page. 

The "Interesting Items" section will include a lot of things. Some will be intended primarily for coaches, others for umpires, and we hope a lot of them will be for everyone. We periodically send out emails to our young umpires (and all our umpires) on various aspects of the job, and we will be posting many of those on the page.  Also, when we hear about an odd play or situation, or a particularly complicated or rare rule call, we will post it. 

We also want to hear from all of you.  If you have a question, comment or even a complaint, please let us know.  You can post a comment on the Umpires' Corner page or email us via the link on the page.

Mary Thingvold and Bob Mattison