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Field changes for the End of Season tournament

By Andy B, 07/19/12, 11:02AM CDT


A few changes have been made to the fields that the Seniors will play on

The changes affected senior games 19, 20, 34, 36 and 38.

To summarize there are four minor changes and one major change.

Games 36 and 38 in the third round will now be on Lions 4 instead of Lions 2.  We need Lions 2 for power to run the pitching maching for the Home Run Derby.

Games 19 and 34 were senior games originally scheduled for Wesley 2. Wesley 2 is the smaller of the fields there so we switched those games to Wesley 1 instead at the same times.  There were no games scheduled at Wesley 1 at those times.

The bigger shift was to game 20 which was originally scheduled for Wesley 1 at 11:45 Saturday. There is a junior game scheduled at Wesley 2 at the same time, and those games would likely interfere with each other.  Since there was not a game scheduled at Lions 4 at 10:30, we moved from Wesley 1 at 11:45 to Lions 4 at 10:30.