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Floyd Kalberg

By Tommy, 07/17/13, 12:45PM CDT


His Influence Lingers with GVGS

Floyd Kalberg became a coach in GVGS in 1997 with two daughters in the league. He soon became a board member and was League President the final six seasons of his tenure ending in 2006.

Floyd was a tireless worker for the league and carried the banner of "the game is for the girls". He wanted the league to grow but always keep it fair, equitable and fun. Boy did he succeed!

We've had more than 550 girls participate in the league the past three years running. With the focus on skills, fundamentals and sportmanship we seem to have a winning formula. This was all part of Floyd's vision and leadership. We strive as a board to uphold these values.

After his girls graduated and left GVGS, Floyd was still active with the league as an umpire and coach of traveling teams. He loved his continuing association with the league.

Then his life took an unexpected and tragic turn. Feeling abdominal pain, he saw doctors and was diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgery and other treatment seemed to put him on the road to recovery but eventually the cancer returned. Floyd passed away at the age of 50 in 2008.

We dedicate the season end tournament to Floyd each year, not just for his work and influence on GVGS but the way he lived his life. He cherished his wife and family and always tried to do what was right. We should all strive for such things.